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2x2 Outlaw OLH22 Wings Case

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Outlaw 2 Butt and 2 Shaft Tube Style Case
Spacious pockets
Rubber grip carrying handles
Shoulder strap
Protect your cue for less

Interior Case Layout 


Color- Tan
Shape- Oval
Material- Vinyl
Pockets- 2
     Top- 6" long
     Bottom- 16" long with seperate jump butt pocket
     Embroidered Pocket Details- Flames, Guns, Horseshoe, and Wings
Base- Footed
Length- 32"


Structure- Poured rubber mold casing
Lining- Soft felt
Direction- Shaft inserts in either direction
Butt- Butt inserts in either direction
Length- Fits up to 30" shaft(tightly) 

Out of stock, please allow 2 - 4 weeks to ship.