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Poison Arsenic 3-3 Pool Cue

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Art deco meets avant-garde.
The perfect synthesis between nostalgia and
new technology, introducing the third generation
of Poison’s Arsenic line of cues. Designed and
developed with a nod to the cues that reigned
more than 50 years ago, and constructed of the
premium materials and technology needed to take
your game far into the future, each Arsenic cue
arrives ready to leave your opponents missing the
good ol’ days. Featuring the Predator engineered
Venom2 low-defl ection shaft, Sarin 8-layer leather
tip, and precision Uni-Loc® Bullet Joint, even
a small dose of Arsenic will have those on the
opposite side of the table begging for mercy.
• Rich stained curly maple points
• Vibrant point veneers
• White and silver inlayed rings
• Acid etched metallic butt cap
• Uni-loc® Bullet Joint
• Ignition bumper
• Venom2 low-defl ection shaft
• Ostrich pattern wrap

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